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Oak is one of the most popular materials in home construction, favoured by both homeowners and building contractors across the UK. Offering a premium look whether used in floor boards, furnishings, doors, or indeed skirting boards, oak presents a natural patterned grain which is rich in colour and rustic in detail - and which compliments both a modern or more traditional home style with ease.

Here at Avon Timber, we pride ourselves in offering a service which can be tailored according to your need - delivering American white oak skirting boards by the metre with a variety of profile finishes to suit your designs, flooring and surrounding spaces.

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Solid Oak Skirting Profiles

Torus Oak Skirting

A classic oak skirting profile with a straight edge and bulbous top, the ornate presentation of Torus skirting makes it ideal for a traditional space or a home interior with minimal decor and plenty of focus on the foundational materials.

Ogee Oak Skirting

Ogee skirting looks rather like it was built with Grecian pillars in mind, owing to its tall profile with a subtle rounded structure towards the top of the skirting. A low intensity addition to a modern home.

Ovolo Oak Skirting

If you want skirting which is primarily functional, then Ovolo oak skirting is the next step away from one of the classic square edged standard profiles. The light curve towards the top of the skirting serves to soften the room slightly, without the solid oak skirting becoming a focal point in the room.

Lambs Tongue Oak Skirting

One of the more modern designs available, lambs tongue oak skirting boasts a staggered side profile with angular edges, which create a refined border around the outskirts of your room.

With a broad range of different profiles and finishes available, here at Avon Timber we are committed to combining the material benefits of solid oak with the designs and styles that best suit your home. Some of the other most popular skirting profiles we supply include the chamfered profile, the square edge and of course the more elaborate balmoral and bishop skirting boards.

The purpose of a skirting board

The skirting board is something which you may not pay much attention to, however its role in your interior spaces and individual rooms is key. In short, the skirting board is an aesthetic layer which is designed to cover the very bottom of your walls where they meet the carpets or floor boards beneath.

Helping to keep your flooring in place, your skirting boards also protect the base of the wall where it is most vulnerable to scuffs from shoes, pets, hoovers and furnishings.

Which is why solid oak is so popular as a material for your interior skirting - not least because of its aesthetic finish and the ease with which it can compliment everything from your flooring to your door frames and architraves, but also because it is a hardwood. This means it will be less prone to wear and tear compared to other materials, which could make it a cost effective option in the long run.

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