White Primed MDF Skirting Board

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Our MDF skirting boards are an essential component for interior finishing, providing a seamless transition between the floor and the wall. While often inconspicuous, they play a crucial role in enhancing the aesthetic appeal of a room while also protecting the lower portions of walls from damage. 

Simply put, skirting boards run along the base of interior walls, typically comprising a top surface and a vertical section that meets the floor. They not only add a polished look to any room but also offer practical benefits in terms of concealing gaps and providing a smooth edge.

Many customers opt for MDF skirting boards due to their ability to conform to the shape of your wall and their affordability. Machined from Moisture Resistant MDF, our skirting boards are supplied with a coat of high-quality white primer. They can then be painted, and finished at home according to your preferences, allowing for customisation to match your desired colour scheme or texture.


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Square Edge MDF Skirting: A plain-faced skirting board, offering a minimalist and modern aesthetic.

Torus MDF Skirting Board: Featuring a convex semi-circular profile, adding a classic touch to any room.

Ogee MDF Skirting Board: Characterised by an S-shaped profile, lending elegance and sophistication to interiors.

Pencil Round MDF Skirting Board: Also known as Round One Edge MDF Skirting, is a plain-faced skirting board with a pencil-rounded top edge, combining simplicity with a subtle decorative element.

Lambs Tongue MDF Skirting Board: With its distinctive upward curve resembling a lamb's tongue, this profile adds a unique flair to traditional or rustic interiors.

Chamfered & Round MDF Skirting: Featuring a top chamfered face and a slight round on the top edge, offering a sleek and contemporary look.

Ovolo MDF Skirting Board: Boasting a convex profile with a rounded edge, providing a classic and timeless appearance.

Single-V Splayed MDF Skirting Board: Featuring a single V on the face of the board and a small splay at the top edge, adding subtle detail to modern or transitional interiors.

Double-V Splayed MDF Skirting Board: Similar to the single-V but with two V-shaped grooves, creating a more pronounced decorative effect.

Bevelled Edge MDF Skirting Board: Characterised by its angled edge, offering a sleek and modern look.

One-Step and Two-Step MDF Skirting Boards: Providing additional depth and dimension with one or two steps along the top face of the board, adding visual interest to any room.


At Avon Timber, we offer a comprehensive range of MDF skirting boards with various profiles to suit different styles and preferences. Contact our sales team for assistance in finding the perfect skirting board solution for your room today.

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